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Alibaba's Olympic Games Campaigns
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Alibaba's Digital Journey at the Olympic Games
The Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 successfully migrates its core games technology services to Alibaba Cloud.
Alibaba partnered with Beijing 2022 to provide digital technical and service solutions throughout the Winter Games. In collaboration with 22 sponsors, Alibaba launched the first Cloud Exhibition Hall in the history of the Olympic Games: Beijing 2022 Cloud Exhibition Hall, expanding new channels for the sustainable development of the Olympic partnership.
Damai, the ticketing platform of Alibaba, has become the official ticketing partner of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. Damai has developed the first fully digital enabled smart ticketing system in the history of Olympic Games by which Damai has successfully delivered the smart ticketing operations driven by digital technologies for Beijing 2022 despite the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.
To create further dynamic and engaging viewing experience for Beijing 2022, OBS and Alibaba have deployed multi-camera replay systems for frame-freeze slow motion replays during the Games.It is also the first time that Olympic broadcasting will rely on a cloud-based workflow for such replays, enabling more immersive experience for global sports fans from a wide range of angles strategically placed around the competition venues.
Content+, OBS content delivery platform hosted on Alibaba Cloud, served RHBs with broadcasting services, including access to short-form content, all HD live streams, as well as all the additional content produced by OBS in a range of resolutions for browsing and download purposes.
On the day of the Beijing 2022 opening ceremony, Alibaba initiated a public photography and video-collecting event themed "Celebrating the Winter and the New Me" to pay tribute to the opening of the Winter Games.
Alibaba launched the digital collection of Olympic Cloud Pin.
Base separately in Beijing and Shanghai, the IOC President Thomas Bach and Daniel Zhang, Chairman & CEO of Alibaba Group, joined the Spring Festival Cloud Meeting at the Beijing Media Center virtually through Cloud ME, a cloud-based holographic technology. They sent New Year greetings to national media outlets and audiences.
One million Bing Dwen Dwen, the official mascot of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 , hit the shelves of the Official Olympic flagship store on Tmall.
On the International Olympic Day of 2022, Alibaba Group, as a Worldwide Olympic Partner, launched the "Move For Earth" campaign for its employees to promote the Olympic spirit by doing sports. This activity attracted more than 10 thousand employees from 83 campuses globally to participate in low-carbon sports, such as climbing the stairs, aerobics, and cycling.