Alibaba Group Establishes RMB Counter in Hong Kong
June 19, 2023

Hong Kong, China, June 19, 2023 – Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA, HKEX: 09988 BABA-SW and 89988 BABA-SWR; "Alibaba" or "the Company") announces that the addition of a Renmibi ("RMB") counter for trading the Company's shares will be effective today. The Company will since become a security with counters denominated in Hong Kong Dollar ("HKD") and RMB and designated by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a dual counter security.


Details of the Company's HKD and RMB counters are as follows:

HKD counter

RMB counter
Stock code:0998889988
English stock short name:BABA-SWBABA-SWR
Chinese stock short name:阿里巴巴-SW


Board lot:100 shares100 shares

Alibaba is among the first batch of HKD-RMB dual counter securities and hopes the model will help offer more investment flexibility and stock liquidity for the shareholders of the Company and potential investors.

About Alibaba Group

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