Alibaba Cloud International Law Enforcement User Information Request Guide
August 30, 2022

This Guide is intended for law enforcement agencies outside of the People's Republic of China ("PRC") seeking user information regarding users of Alibaba Cloud services ("Users") operated by subsidiaries of the Alibaba Group Holding Limited ("Alibaba Group") ("User Information"). Alibaba Group's principal business operations and operating subsidiaries are based in the PRC, though our websites and certain products and services may be available in other jurisdictions around the world.

This Guide is subject to change without notice, and applies only to requests from law enforcement agencies. Nothing in this Guide shall be used to create, or be contrued as impacting any legal obligations or any enforceable rights against Alibaba Group or otherwise alter Alibaba Group's legal and equitable defenses. Alibaba Group reserves all rights to the interpretation and application of this Guide.

1. General

Alibaba Group understands there will be times when our assistance will be required to help law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties. Alibaba Group is committed to a high standard of business conduct in our relationships with our users, customers, suppliers, and business partners. We strive to be a good citizen and conduct ourselves in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations while respecting the privacy of our users, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

In observing the above values and principles, except as provided below, Alibaba Group will not disclose or release User Information without a valid, legally binding request (such as a subpoena, search warrant, court order, or other legal process) ("Request") served on the appropriate contact through proper channels. Alibaba Group reserves its right to reject, in whole or in part, Requests that conflict with PRC and other applicable laws and regulations or that are otherwise inappropriate.

2. Contact Information

This Guide applies to the below Alibaba Cloud's websites ("Websites"). A Request for User Information must be served on the appropriate contact for the Website with which the requested User Information is associated. Please note the appropriate contact is not deemed to be the operator of the Websites and are merely appropriate contacting entity for the purpose of the Request. For your convenience, please refer to the table below for each Website's Term of Use.

WebsiteTerm of Use

(general global users)


(general users from the PRC)


3. Service of Requests

Alibaba Group does not maintain a specific agent for receipt of Requests for the Websites. Under applicable laws, and in particular, PRC laws and regulations, Requests generally must be served through the various legal and/or diplomatic channels recognized by the PRC and/or other relevant jurisdiction(s). Such channels include, for example:


4. Required Information

We require law enforcement agencies to provide us with the following before we can process any Request:

  1. Signed copy of the Request; 
  2. Your full contact details, including but not limited to name, email address, telephone number, and physical address;
  3. Credentials for verifying your identity;
  4. Detailed identification information of the targeted person(s), including all known names, aliases, IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, member IDs, and, if applicable, relevant website(s) and domain(s);
  5. Detailed description of the User Information requested, including time frame;
  6. Statement of the nature of the investigations or proceedings for which the User Information is required; and
  7. Recitation of the applicable legal grounds for the Request.


5. Information That May Be Disclosed

While we endeavor to assist you to the best of our ability, our ability to disclose information may vary based on the type of information requested and the Website(s) involved as our ability is governed by PRC laws and regulations and/or the laws and regulations of other applicable jurisdictions. If you have any questions regarding the type of information that a specific Website may disclose, please address the corresponding contact listed in Section 2 above.

6. Discretion In Emergencies

Subject to applicable laws and regulations, Alibaba Group reserves its right to voluntarily disclose User Information in response to urgent law enforcement requests in cases involving immediate threats to public safety or risk of harm to any person, provided that we are assured that an appropriate Request that meets the requirements recited in this Guide will follow promptly in due course. To evaluate requests for emergency user information disclosure, the requesting law enforcement agencies should complete the

and email the completed form to us with the subject “Emergency User Information Disclosure Request”. Please note that the form must be both filled out and submitted by an accredited law enforcement agency. Anyone involved in circumstances that necessitate emergency information disclosure should contact their respective local law enforcement agency immediately for assistance.

7. Cost Reimbursement

Alibaba Group reserves all rights to require any law enforcement agency to reimburse the costs incurred in responding to a Request.

8. Other Enquiries

For general questions regarding this guide not related to specific Request(s), User Information, or Website(s), the most direct way would be to contact us by email. Please note that this email address neither accepts nor receives service of legal documents and will not be responsive to unrelated enquiries.

For reporting of any suspected IPR infringement claim or unlawful activity by any one of the Alibaba Cloud users, please visit for Alibaba Cloud International Website, and for Alibaba Cloud China website.

For seeking user information regarding users of the Alibaba E-commerce platforms (such as or operated by subsidiaries of the Alibaba Group Holding Limited, please visit