Our Businesses

We operate various businesses and also derive support for our ecosystem from the businesses and services of related and affiliated companies. Our major businesses and the businesses of our related companies include:

Taobao Marketplace
China’s largest mobile commerce destination

Launched in 2003, Taobao Marketplace ( is a commerce-oriented social platform that allows consumers to enjoy an engaging, personalized shopping experience optimized by big-data analytics. Through highly relevant and engaging content and real-time updates from merchants, consumers can learn about products and new trends as well as interact with each other and their favorite merchants and brands on Taobao Marketplace. Merchants on Taobao Marketplace are primarily individuals and small businesses. According to Analysys, Taobao Marketplace was China’s largest mobile commerce destination in terms of gross merchandise value in 2017. Taobao Marketplace is a business of Alibaba Group.

China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers

Launched in 2008, Tmall ( caters to consumers looking for branded products and a premium shopping experience. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailers have established storefronts on Tmall. According to Analysys, Tmall was China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers in terms of gross merchandise value in 2017. Tmall is a business of Alibaba Group.

Global retail marketplace

Launched in 2010, AliExpress ( is a global retail marketplace that enables consumers from around the world to buy directly from manufacturers and distributors in China. Top consumer markets where AliExpress is popular are Russia, the United States, Brazil, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. AliExpress is a business of Alibaba Group.
Leading wholesale marketplace for global trade

The first business of Alibaba Group, ( is a leading wholesale marketplace for global trade. Buyers on, who are located in more than 200 countries and regions all over the world (as of March 31, 2017), are typically trade agents, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and SMEs engaged in the import and export business. also offers its members and other SMEs import/export supply chain services, including customs clearance, VAT refund, trade financing and logistics services.
Leading online wholesale marketplace in China

Launched in 1999, ( is a leading online wholesale marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in China who trade in general merchandise, apparel, electronics, raw materials, industrial components, and agricultural and chemical products, among others. It also serves as a wholesale channel for merchants doing business on Alibaba Group’s retail marketplaces to source products from domestic wholesalers. is a business of Alibaba Group.

Marketing technology platform

Launched in 2007, Alimama ( is a marketing technology platform that enables merchants and brands to place various marketing formats on Alibaba Group’s marketplaces and other third-party properties. Through its affiliate marketing program, Alimama enables marketers to place marketing displays on third-party websites and mobile apps, thereby extending their marketing and promotional reach to properties and users beyond Alibaba Group’s own marketplaces. Alimama is a business of Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Cloud
One of the world's top three IaaS providers

Established in 2009, Alibaba Cloud (, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, is among the world's top three IaaS providers according to Gartner, and the largest provider of public cloud services in China according to IDC. Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including merchants doing business on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee.

Cainiao Network
Logistics data platform operator

Cainiao Network is dedicated to meeting the current and future logistics demands of China's online and mobile commerce sector. It operates a logistics data platform that leverages the capacity and capabilities of logistics partners to fulfill transactions between merchants and consumers at a large scale. It also uses data insights and technology to improve efficiency across the logistics value chain. Cainiao Network is a business of Alibaba Group.

Ant Financial Services Group
Financial services provider focused on serving small and micro enterprises and consumers

Ant Financial Services Group is focused on serving small and micro enterprises, as well as consumers. It is building an open ecosystem of Internet thinking and technologies while working with other financial institutions to support the future financial needs of society. Businesses operated by Ant Financial Services Group include Alipay, Ant Fortune, Zhima Credit and MYbank.